The Surprising News Is You Can Be Arrested Because Of The Actions Of Others

Posted on: 9 January 2015

It may be surprising to the average person, but it is quite possible to be arrested for a crime be committed by another. Most people understand that the police can make a mistake. This is why society has safeguards, such as the "innocent until proven guilty" standard. However, in some cases there is no mistake, so to speak. The police have the clear intent to arrest a person based on the criminal conduct of others.

Here are three examples of times when someone can face charges when they have not committed any explicit criminal action.

  • When Children Break the Law

Parents are ultimately responsible for the action of their offspring. The law can hold parents accountable when there is obvious negligence on their part. For example, when cities issue curfews for minors, they expect parents to help with enforcement. If the police find a parent has no knowledge of their kid's whereabouts, there could be problems. This is especially true if the children commit a crime while on the streets after curfew.

Another crucial concern for communities is bullying. Activists are increasingly calling for authorities to pass ordinances making parents responsible for ensuring their kids understand the harm of bullying. In some cities, parents whose child bullies others can face fines up to $1000.

  • When a Profit is Made From a Crime

States have had to make it illegal to profit from the commission of a crime. They may enforce this regulation against those involved in gang related activities.

Some singers have lyrics in their songs that speak of criminal activity. As such, the police see this as promoting illegal acts. In some jurisdictions, these laws have been used to arrest singers for explicit lyrics celebrating gang life.

  • When Hanging With the Wrong Crowd

Being friends with people who get involved in bad deeds can wind someone in trouble. It is not even necessary to be an active participant of the actual crime. The fact that a person is a frequent acquaintance of those arrested can result in their arrest too. Even famous people can fall victim to this mistake when they have unsavory acquaintances hanging with them.

Contacting a Criminal Lawyer

When the police arrest someone, the law generally provides that person with the right to an attorney. This right is important because the prosecution will do everything they can to make their case against the suspect. It is important that anyone accused of a crime contact a criminal lawyer as soon as possible, especially when another is the actual perpetrator.