Smile While You Are Driving – You May Be On Camera

Posted on: 18 March 2015

Police officers are giving traffic tickets by using cameras at traffic stops in many cities and town. Some people are not aware of these cameras, and it can be hard to tell if there is a camera at your traffic light sometimes.

Watch the Mail

When you get a traffic ticket because of a camera, you have no idea it happened at that minute. If this happens to you, they will send you the ticket through the mail. The ticket shows the video stop of you and your car. For example, if you were running a red light, the shot will show your car making the violation.

The traffic cameras records your vehicle's license plate, and the date and time the violation happened. The information is sent to the police station, and then the ticket is mailed to you.

If someone was driving your car and it is not registered to them, the ticket is still sent to you, as the owner of the vehicle. This happens because the camera does not identify the person driving the vehicle.

Visit a Court

In many cases, you can get your ticket thrown out of court if you were not the driver. This can only happen, however, if you have proof that you were not driving the car at that time. For example, you may have been at work while the ticket was issued.  You may not be able to prove who was driving your car during that time, but it will keep you from having to pay for the ticket yourself.

Learn How They Work

It can be helpful in knowing a little bit how these cameras work.The camera is typically positioned on a pole at the corners of intersections. In some cases, a digital camera is used, but film cameras are also used.

The cameras are wired to a computer, which is wired to the actual traffic light. A trigger is used that can be set off if a driver is driving over the speed limit, or running a red light. When this trigger goes off, the camera starts recording, and sends the image to the computer.

Your best defense against a camera traffic ticket is to contact a traffic ticket lawyer. There are some attorneys that specialize in handling traffic tickets, and they can be very helpful. If you are having problems getting ticket thrown out, the attorney may be able to make this happen.