Navigating The Stormy Seas Of Social Security Disability: Why You Need An Attorney

Posted on: 20 June 2015

Applying for social security can be a chore. If you've been hurt or laid up by an accident or illness, working may be out of the question. This is the time to apply for social security disability, or SSD, but getting approved to receive monthly payments is sometimes nearly impossible. This is where a knowledgeable social security attorney can help. An attorney who's well-versed in the Social Security Act will help you anticipate the following bumps in the road:

Meeting the Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to receive SSD, you must have paid enough in FICA taxes throughout your life to qualify. Once this requirement is met, you'll have to prove you're disabled enough that you can no longer perform the type of work you were doing before. You'll also have to prove that you're too ill or injured to perform all other types of work as well. Even with documentation from a doctor, this last requirement can be difficult to meet without the help of a good disability lawyer. 

Appealing a Rejection

Applications for SSD are often rejected because the government doesn't feel the applicant is as badly disabled as they're portraying. Unfortunately, by the time you receive your letter that could be a denial of benefits, months have already passed. It takes a long time to ever begin receiving monthly disability payments. And if you're turned down and have to hire an attorney to appeal, you're likely looking at another six months to a year of waiting. 

The good news is that having a social security attorney on your side increases your odds simply because they understand how best to argue your case. 

Hanging On

The most difficult part of becoming disabled and applying for social security disability is the wait. If you really are as injured as you say, then holding down a job isn't a possibility. So how do you manage to survive for months to a year without any income whatsoever? 

Many people are forced to move in with friends or relatives to get them through this difficult time. If you're currently paying on a mortgage, check to see if you also have mortgage insurance that will take over your payments until your benefits kick in. Some credit card companies offer the same type of protection, and if you're not sure whether you're covered under a policy such as this, give your creditors a call. You may also qualify for temporary cash assistance or the SNAP Food Program in your area. Visit your local social security office to inquire. 

Making it through the process of applying for and receiving SSD is lengthy and difficult, and this is why it's important to have a social security attorney on your side to fight for what's right. 

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