3 Tips For Getting Your Accident Case Settled

Posted on: 7 August 2015

Being involved in any type of legal action is sure to be something most people would rather avoid. This is especially true if you're party to a lawsuit involving a car accident. Being able to win your case may be much more difficult than you think because of all the steps that are involved.

It's possible that you can rest your mind and work towards getting your case settled at mediation. Knowing specific ways to help get the results you want at mediation are sure to come in handy:

Be Open Minded

You may want to attend this important meeting with the intent to do what it takes to settle the case. Are you willing to give a little more money or take a little less for you to have the peace of mind that accompanies being done with the lawsuit?  Being open minded is an ideal way to help ensure the case will be settled rather than attending with no intent to get this done or with a close mind.

Know your Numbers

One of the best ways to ensure the right outcome at mediation is to attend prepared. Be sure to make a list of your losses. This can allow you to be more capable of getting the money you need to cover these.

Below are some figures to have prior to attending the mediation as the plaintiff:

  1. The total amount of damage to your vehicle or the cost to get it repaired at your local body shop.
  2. If you suffered major or minor injuries, you will want to be sure to have the medical receipts stating how much you were forced to pay out-of-pocket. This should be the amount that your insurance company didn't pay.
  3. If you lost time at work due to being hurt in an accident, you will want to be sure and include this amount of a loss at mediation. It's a good idea to get a letter from your employer stating this for you.

Avoid being Negative

It's a good idea to avoid any unwanted confrontation with your opponent at mediation. Be sure to speak when you enter the room and don't make any statements that could result in an argument.

Being capable of getting a case finished at meditation is ideal for both the plaintiff and defendant. Be certain to rely on the expertise of a personal injury attorney to assist you with this. Contact a company such as Risley Law Firm, P.C. to learn more.