3 Things To Do Before You Hire A Divorce Attorney

Posted on: 21 August 2015

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, your first thought might be to get in touch with a local divorce attorney and start the proceedings right away. However, it's important to do the following things before you file for divorce.

Plan a Budget

You already know what your financial situation is like as part of a married couple, but you need to ensure that you are financially secure once your marriage is dissolved. To do this, you need to plan a budget for your future self. Creating a budget will give you some idea of whether you need to get another job or save money over a period of time. It may also help you to know how much in spousal support to ask for.

Consider the income you have coming in and think about future bills that you may be responsible for. For instance, if you need to move out of your home, you need to be able to secure an apartment. If you think you'll be required to pay child support, estimate those costs and factor them into your post-divorce budget.

Establish Credit

If you have not been working throughout your marriage, getting a car or renting an apartment might be a challenge after a divorce, in part because you may not have any established credit. Therefore, it's a good idea to open a credit card or other credit account in your name only, and maintain a good record of paying the bill. Doing this some time before you file for divorce will allow you to establish a credit history.

Keep Records of Child-Related Duties and Expenses

Do you plan to seek primary custody of your children? If so, and you anticipate a conflict with your spouse over the issue, you need to start keeping track of what you do for your kids.

If you pay for all their school supplies, write down how much you spend. If your spouse is absent from the home for long periods of time, keep a log of that as well. Note the times you pick them up from school, take off from work to care for them and write down how often you accompany them to doctor appointments. Keeping track of your time and money as they relate to your children might help you to get custody, as you can prove what your role has been in their lives.

Now that you're aware of some things you should do before filing for divorce, make sure that you are ready to proceed before calling a law firm like Madison Law Firm PLLC. When you finally contact a local divorce attorney, you can work with them to build a strong case for yourself.