3 Pitfalls To Avoid In A Child Custody Case

Posted on: 8 December 2015

When facing a child custody battle, a judge will closely scrutinize your behavior and actions to determine if you are the best option for the child. The wrong move could have a negative impact on your attempts to gain custody. To help ensure that you are in the best position to ask for custody, here are some pitfalls for you to avoid.

Unwilling to Co-Parent

Co-parenting is an important part of raising a child. If you are unwilling or unable to cooperate with the other parent, a judge could possibly view this as an inability to do what is in the best interests of the child.

To show how willing you are to work with the other parent, try to avoid making unilateral decisions regarding how the child is reared. Instead, reach out to the other parent and attempt to discuss what is best. Document every attempt that you make to co-parent.

How well you are able to co-parent can shape the custody order. For instance, if you and the other parent are unable to co-parent, the judge might split what decisions each parent is responsible for making.

Introducing New Partners

Even though it is your right to date, introducing a new partner into your relationship with your child could have an impact on your custody case. Introducing your child to different dating partners could lead to charges from the other parent that your home is unstable and unhealthy.

To avoid this issue, consider waiting to introduce your child to a new partner until you are sure he or she will be a part of your life for a significant period of time.

Showing Anger

Child custody cases can be emotionally charged, but it is important that you maintain your composure when dealing with the other parent. Displays of anger or making threats can leave the impression that you are unable to control your temper. As a result, the judge might be unwilling to place the child in your custody.

If you are upset, consider seeking counseling. You also need to document incidents involving the other parent that has angered you and share them with your family lawyer. Your lawyer can determine if there are legal options available to deal with problems that arise.

There are many other pitfalls you should avoid when you are involved in a custody battle. Consult with an attorney at Pagel Family Law to learn what other behaviors could have a negative impact on your case.