3 Ways To Improve Your Child Custody Case

Posted on: 28 January 2016

If you are divorcing and share children with your spouse, every move that you make will be closely scrutinized when determining who should have custody. Unfortunately, a wrong move could result in your spouse being awarded custody. To help improve your case for child custody, here are some tips to follow.

Pay Child Support

Regardless of whether or not a temporary child support order is in place, you need to voluntarily pay child support to your spouse if you are the top earner in your relationship. By ensuring that your children's financial needs are met, you are demonstrating that their welfare is important to you.

Your divorce attorney can help with determining how much should be paid. You can also take the step of requesting that the court issue a temporary order if one is not in place. The order does not automatically mean that your spouse will get custody of your children. It simply shows you care.

Never make any payments without getting physical proof of the payments. For instance, you can pay with a personal check or money order and note on the document that it is for child support.

Do Not Move Without Permission

Even though neither you nor your spouse have custody of the children yet, it is important that you do not move with them outside of the area without obtaining permission from your spouse and the court. If you move without permission, your spouse could claim that you kidnapped the children and the court might agree with him or her.

If your spouse is unwilling to give permission, your attorney can turn to the court for permission. How likely the court is to grant your request depends on the facts of your case.

Work on Your Relationship with Your Spouse

Even though you and your spouse are divorcing, you still have to co-parent your children. If your relationship is hostile, it can impact your ability to effectively parent your children. Because of this, you and your spouse need to work on your parenting relationship.

Try to stay positive when dealing with the other parent. If you are unable to communicate, offer to attend counseling with him or her. You can also rely on other forms of communication to discuss issues. Exchanging emails with your spouse instead of talking gives each side a chance to carefully consider what is said and the response.

Staying positive with your spouse helps to show your commitment to maintaining a healthy environment for your children.

Consult with a divorce attorney like Lisa J Kleinberg to identify other ways that you can improve your custody case.