3 Steps For Dealing With An Employee Discrimination Situation

Posted on: 15 June 2016

If you are being discriminated against in your workplace, there is a three-step approach that you should bear in mind to be sure the process goes through as smoothly as possible. This process includes bringing this discrimination to your employer's attention, compiling evidence for your potential lawsuit and taking care of your personal well-being as you prepare for a potentially lengthy process. With this in mind, read on and take advantage of these tips, as you also reach out to an employment lawyer that can help.  

Tip #1: Tell Your Employer Your Position Prior To Filing Suit

It is critical that you let your employer know your feelings regarding any discriminatory incidents. This is important not only to assess the situation to see if there are any misunderstandings, it is also important to begin documenting your history of discrimination. By making them aware, you will be more empowered to know which way to turn if the actions are not addressed properly from that point forward. Ask for a written report of the conversation and be ready to turn to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) if your concerns are not heard.

Tip #2: Work Hard When Compiling Evidence To Build Your Case

Regardless of how the rest of your case plays out, evidence will be the most crucial component to keep in mind. Look through your email correspondence to be sure that you save them in multiple locations to document any form of discrimination you have experienced. Don't be afraid to go piece by piece, because keyword searches might not turn up the evidence that you need. You should also lean on the human resources department to conduct an investigation to be sure that the matter is being taken seriously. You should also be ready to conduct a series of interviews regarding any incidents. 

Tip #3: Take Great Care Of Yourself To Get Through Your Case And To Make It Through The Next Step

You need to take care of your health and well-being while going through the stressful time. You may need to look into therapy sessions and engage in exercise, meditation and anything else that you need to relieve stress. Look around for job coaches who can help prepare you for the next employment opportunity once the situation plays itself out.

Keep these three tips handy so that you are able to move forward with your discrimination case. Reach out to an employment law firm that can assist you further.