Tips For Handling A Car Crash Against A Tourist

Posted on: 6 November 2017

If you are not careful, then you can find it extremely difficult to handle an auto accident case against a foreign motorist. These three precautions should help you navigate the post-accident activities successfully:

Consider That There May Be a Language Barrier

Not everybody in the U.S. speaks or understands English as well as you do. This is even more likely to be the case if the other person is a tourist. You may find it difficult to communicate with the other motorist if you don't speak the same language. This may complicate matters such as exchange of contacts and insurance information; it may also frustrate you or even make you angry, especially if you think that the tourist is at fault for the accident.

You need to be patient and speak slowly to increase your chances of effective communication. Alternatively, you can just convince the person to wait for the police to arrive; they will have translators to help with the rest of the process. At the very least, you should get some contact information (such as the phone number of the tourist or their car rental company's phone number).

Be Sensitive To Cultural Differences

Another thing you should know is that cultural sensitivities vary by country. What is normal and comes automatically to you may be different or even a taboo to a foreigner. For example, it may be natural for you to engage the other party after a car accident while it is normal for the other party to silently wait until the police arrive. Therefore, don't be frustrated if the other motorist is acting "strangely," for example, by trying to pay you off. Remain calm, decline such offers, and explain to the motorist what needs to be done.

Engage an Accident Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Consulting an accident lawyer to help you with an accident claim is always a smart idea. It becomes even more necessary if you are filing a claim against a tourist. This is because the tourist may frustrate the process either knowingly or unwittingly. The foreigner may even try to elude you and go back to their home country; your lawyer will see to it that justice is served and you are compensated.

Other than the above precautions, you should handle an accident against a foreign motorist just like any other auto accident. This means you should call the police, get medical care, preserve the evidence, and consult a personal injury lawyer. 

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