3 Common Workplace Injuries In Outdoor Settings

Posted on: 7 March 2018

Whether you are a landscaping contractor, construction business owner, or some other business owner or entity that often finds work outdoors, having workers compensation insurance to protect your hired employees is hugely important. There will always be those workplace injuries that go along with specific types of businesses, but no matter what your business is, if it takes your employees out of the confines of a building, the risks can and do change. There are some fairly common workplace injuries that are common in outdoor settings. Getting familiar with these injuries is a good way to avoid as many workers compensation claims as possible.

Injuries relative to the weather are common outdoors. 

Being outside means being exposed to the elements, which can sometimes be brutal for your employees. In cold temperatures, you have the responsibility of providing safe work conditions where employees have a way to get warm and avoid frostbite. In the summer months, you have to ensure employees have access to cool water, shade, or some other means of cooling off when they need to. Hot- and cold-weather injuries are a huge concern in outdoor settings, and could definitely lead to workers compensation claims if you are not careful. 

Injuries relative to machinery and equipment use are common outdoors. 

There is a high likelihood that whatever type of work you are doing outdoors, it would involve some form of equipment or machinery. Whether it is a basic push mower an employee uses on the job or something like a chainsaw, leaf blower, or hammer drill, these pieces of equipment could easily cause harm and result in a workers comp claim. To minimize risks of injury, make sure employees are always properly trained to operate any equipment and machinery you use on the job and ensure they have the proper protective gear as well. 

Injuries relative to animals and insects are common outdoors. 

Wasps, bees, snakes, dogs—there is more of a chance of you running into a problem with these critters outdoors than what it would be if your work were performed inside a business building. It is common for people who work in outdoor settings to sustain injuries from things like bee stings or animal bites. While you may not be able to control these situations, what you can do is alert your team to the possible threat so they can keep watch for things that could cause an injury.

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