Four Things You Must Know About Your Divorce Lawyer

Posted on: 21 September 2020

Hiring a divorce lawyer will make your life much easier than if you were to simply file for divorce on your own. However, you should also become as involved in your divorce as you can. There are several things you will need to know about your divorce lawyer and how she will handle your case.

1. Does Your Divorce Lawyer Only Practice Divorce Law?

Some divorce lawyers will practice both divorce law and other areas of family law. For example, if you are having a child custody battle after your divorce, you may want a lawyer who can help with this as well. However, if you only expect to need help with your divorce, you may wish to hire a lawyer who is more specialized in divorces.

2. What Strategy Will Your Divorce Lawyer Use During Your Case?

A great divorce lawyer will keep you up-to-date on where you are in your case. You will be instructed on the next steps that you need to take. You may want to ask the divorce lawyer about when the best time is to contact her and whether she will be able to take emergency calls. You will also want to ask whether you will be able to meet with everyone else who will be working on your case. You will need to know what to expect from the divorce process and you will also need to know the next steps that you will take after your meeting with the divorce lawyer.

3. What Does the Divorce Lawyer Need to Know About You?

You may find it very easy to talk about your life with your divorce law attorney. Or, you may not know where to start. Therefore, you should ask your divorce lawyer about everything that she needs to know about you.

4. How Affordable Will the Divorce Be?

Ask the divorce lawyer how much it will cost and how you will be billed. Also, find out if there are any other expenses you must pay for such as whether there are any other experts who need to be hired. For example, you may need help from a private investigator or an accountant. If you are concerned about the cost of your divorce, you can ask your divorce attorney about whether there are any ways that you can make your divorce less expensive. There are some methods of settling your case that are more efficient.