Reasons To Engage The Services Of An Attorney Recruiter

Posted on: 23 June 2021

Are you an attorney looking for your first job at a law firm? It may be that you are an associate looking for a new law firm. These are valid reasons for engaging an attorney recruiter. Typically, an attorney recruiter act as intermediaries between a law firm head-hunting for attorneys and lawyers looking for recruitment. As such, before you turn down an attorney recruiter, here are the key reasons why you should speak to them:

Information on Vacancies

One of the most significant advantages of speaking to attorney recruiters is that they have information on law firms in need of associates. As a legal headhunter, the recruiter establishes working relationships with multiple law firms. Thus, the recruiter has information on law firms with open positions for partners and junior or senior associates. As a result, you are more likely to find a job position working with a recruiter. However, you can overcome the fear of leaving your current law firm to search for a new opportunity tactlessly. Engage a recruiter to find law firms that are recruiting. 

Information on Law Firms' Needs

In most cases, people take up jobs because they are looking for work and there is a vacancy. The downside of such an approach is that employees end up feeling frustrated. So, if the job opportunity does not meet your expectations, you are likely to feel demotivated. When you engage an attorney recruiter, you have a better chance of understanding the need of the recruiting law firm. For instance, the recruiter will inform you whether there is a need for an attorney in your practice area. You will even learn whether the law firm can generate enough work to meet your billable hours. Thus, work with a recruiter who knows the gaps you can fill in the legal firm.

Information on Career Development

Every attorney looks forward to career progression from a junior to senior associate to a partner. However, this opportunity does not always occur, and in most cases, it takes a long time. As a result, one may end up feeling demoralized due to career stagnation. Yet, one cannot always hop across law firms. Fortunately, you can navigate this hurdle by working with an attorney recruiter. The recruiter understands the promotion culture in particular law firms and can offer variable advice. In this way, you can join a law firm with more opportunities for promotion in the short term. 

Information on Compensation

The compensation rates for attorneys vary across law firms and job level. Thus, the information gap on compensation can be a hindrance to shifting jobs across law firms. An attorney recruiter can provide compensation estimates for different law firms. This way, you can assess whether you will be paid at par, lower, or higher than your current law firm. If you wish to move for higher compensation, you will have the information to make a decision.

Information on open vacancies, marketable practices, promotion opportunities, and compensation rates across law firms is hard to access. However, you can fill in this information by engaging an attorney recruiter. Contact an attorney recruiter for more information.