Instances When You Need to Hire a Family Lawyer

Posted on: 28 July 2021

Hiring a family lawyer doesn't seem to be necessary until a family issue comes up. Most major issues or problems in a family setup might require to be solved in court. That is why there is a section of the law that manages family matters. If there is a legal dispute involving family members, you should hire a family attorney to represent you. 

So many people don't understand the significance of having a family lawyer. Luckily, here are some signs that show you need to hire a family attorney. 

Marriage Preparations

Marriage isn't an easy affair like most people think. It's a complicated legal affair that requires you to consult a family lawyer before taking any action. The lawyer will take you through the legal requirements in your state. Besides, the attorney will inform you of your legal responsibilities and rights in a marriage. 

If you need to draft a prenup agreement, your family lawyer should help you do so in a professional manner. You'll be in a better position to protect your assets throughout the union if you consult an experienced family lawyer when drafting a prenup agreement. 

You Are About to Go Through a Divorce

Divorce happens all the time, but it's not a straightforward process. Most divorce proceedings can drag on for months or years. As you probably know, the most contentious issues in a divorce are child custody, dividing property, and alimony. Sometimes divorce cases can spiral out of control and result in civil lawsuits. 

If you feel that a divorce is looming, you might want to hire a family attorney to guide you through the process. A lawyer should represent your interests and communicate your demands to the court. 

You Want to Adopt a Child

Child adoption is pretty difficult because of the lengthy legal process involved. Sometimes it can take months to finalize the process. Remember that you have to prove to the state or child welfare services that you can raise an adopted child in the best way possible. 

You'll also be required to file a ton of paperwork to the relevant authorities. Unfortunately, legal disputes may still arise, especially if the child's guardian rejects you on legal grounds. In that case, you need to hire a family lawyer to help you fill in all the paperwork and make a strong case for you in court.

Other instances that you need to hire a family lawyer include:

  • Drafting wills and estate plans
  • Conflict over child custody
  • Forming a domestic partnership

For more information, reach out to a local family lawyer near you to learn more.