Why You Need The Support Of A Car Accident Lawyer If You're Involved In A Distracted Driving Collision

Posted on: 21 June 2022

A simple distraction such as looking at a text message on your phone, glancing at something in your car, or adjusting the music can cause a severe crash. You can be devastated if someone else's distracted driving results in your injuries. Fortunately, you can be eligible for reimbursement if you prove that the other driver's recklessness led to the incident. If you want to get the best award for your damages, it's crucial that you contact a car accident lawyer to assist with your case. Here's why you require the support of these lawyers.

Determining the Cause of the Crash

Collisions resulting from distractions behind the wheel can be complex to prove. Often, victims don't concentrate on other motorist's behavior on the roadways; their thoughts are focused on getting to their destination. And, even if a driver believes that they noticed the other motorist was distracted, providing evidence for this claim can be challenging. This is where a lawyer comes in. They can investigate the incident to determine who caused it and whether or not they were distracted. Some things they'll look for include skid marks on the road, witness testimonies, surveillance footage, and cell phone records. If they discover that the other driver was making a call, texting, or browsing the web at the time of the incident, they'll use this information to get you compensated.

Calculating Damages

You can incur several losses after a distracted driving crash. These may include vehicle damage, lost income, healthcare expenses, physical pain, psychological trauma, and more. If you don't know how to compute these damages, an insurer may low-ball you, causing you to pay some of your bills from your pocket. Thankfully a lawyer can assist you. They'll analyze your injuries, economic losses, and other factors to come up with a compensation amount that can cover your expenses. They can also negotiate with insurers on your behalf and represent you in court if need be. You can trust their support because they're well versed in the law and know how to combat tricks used by insurers.

Handling Paperwork

When filing a lawsuit against a distracted driver, you will inevitably have to deal with a lot of paperwork. This can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you are still dealing with the incident's aftermath. A lawyer can sort through all the paperwork on your behalf and ensure everything is in order. They also know the exact details to include in your claim and the court procedures to follow to increase your chances of being reimbursed.

It's vital to seek assistance from a car accident lawyer if you're a victim of distracted driving. They'll handle your claim with professionalism and sensitivity and guide you through every step of the process to ensure you're fairly compensated for your wounds. 

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