Personal Injury Lawyer: Fighting Insurance Companies

Posted on: 30 November 2022

When you suffer a serious personal injury, the process of seeking compensation can feel overwhelming. This can be particularly true if your insurance company doesn't have your back.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can hold your insurance provider(s) accountable for living up to their contracts and promises.

Contract Review

Insurance providers have the resources to hire a fleet of lawyers to leverage every loophole and gray area in their contracts. A personal injury lawyer can dispute and challenge them at every turn.

  • Denial Letters: in personal injury cases where an insurance company issues a denial letter, they must provide a rationale for the denial. These letters are often crafted by lawyers and will cite specific clauses in policy to explain why your claim was denied. Providing your personal injury lawyer with the denial letter is crucial. From the denial letter, your personal injury lawyer can begin building a case for appeal and/or future litigation. If your insurance company can be convinced that you will dispute the denial and/or are willing to litigate the matter in court, your odds of receiving a reversal or settlement improve.
  • Dig into the Details: a personal injury lawyer can comb through dense insurance policies to make sure insurance companies honor their contractual obligations. In many personal injury cases where an insurance company denies coverage, the dispute boils down to liability. If your insurance company argues the liability for damages exists with another party, your personal injury lawyer must connect the liability back to the insurance provider.

Settlement Negotiations

Litigating a personal injury case in court represents significant time and resources. This is often one of the reasons why insurance companies are often very quick to settle personal injury cases.

  • Precedence Is Key: in personal injury cases involving insurance settlements, using legal precedence can help you maximize the value of your case. For instance, if similar personal injury case(s) have yielded a greater total amount of compensation, your personal injury lawyer can leverage these cases to your benefit. Even though this process might take more time, citing similar personal injury cases can be worth the wait. The best personal injury lawyers will not charge you a fee until they are able to collect a settlement.
  • Look at the Fees: another angle to take when it comes to negotiating insurance settlements is to look at the fees you will pay your personal injury lawyer. Before you begin working with an attorney, broach the subject of fees. If you can pay less in fees, you might be willing to opt for a settlement that resolves your case more expeditiously.

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