A Look At The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Filing A DIY Divorce

Posted on: 5 May 2016
With the availability of information online, you may do some research and decide that you are perfectly capable of filing for a divorce on your own without hiring an attorney. While going the DIY route with a divorce is a possibility and may save you a few bucks, choosing to go solo when you make this legal filing may not always be the best decision. In divorce, there is a lot of room for costly mistakes that are all too easy to make without the guidance of a legal professional.
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4 Tricks Insurance Companies Use After An Accident To Look Out For

Posted on: 16 March 2016
If you have been injured in any kind of accident, you are going to have to work alongside the opposite party's insurance company to receive compensation. This can be difficult because insurance companies use many tactics to avoid having to pay more than what they want to once your case is settled. This is why you should have a personal injury attorney by your side who can look out for these commonly used tricks and help you avoid them.
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Thinking Of A Home Equity Line Of Credit? If Your Marriage Isn't Stable, Think Again

Posted on: 22 February 2016
If your marriage has been on difficult ground for a while, be wary of putting your signature on a home equity line of credit. If you do, you could find yourself financing your spouse's lifestyle or divorce attorney. Here's what you should know. What is a home equity line of credit? A home equity loan essentially allows you to tap into the equity that you have in your home. Since your equity increases both as you pay down any mortgage that you have and as your home appreciates in value over the years, the equity can be considerable.
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Is A Personal Injury Lawsuit In DC Right For You?

Posted on: 16 February 2016
A personal injury lawsuit might be your ticket to getting the compensation that you deserve. Whether you were involved in an auto accident, a case of medical negligence, or some other form of injury, you have a shot at filing and winning a lawsuit. However, such lawsuits can actually be much more complicated than you might initially expect. To help you make sure that a lawsuit is right for you, here are some specific laws that you will need to deal with when it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit in Washington DC:
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